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Uttalande från Belfast Basque Solidarity Commitee

april 24, 2009

Följande uttalande är ifrån våra kamrater i Belfast Basque Solidarity Commitee och gäller gripandet av våran kamrat som vi har skrivit om här och här

Charges against Belfast Basque highlight further ongoing repression in Basque Country.


The Belfast Basque Solidarity Committee has stated that the arrest of a member of the Basque community , living in Belfast, is yet more evidence of the Spanish authorities attack on Basque Civil society.


 Speaking today a spokesperson for the group, Kevin Morrison, said:


 “The arrest of a member of the Basque community, living in Belfast, Arturo Villanueva, is yet more evidence of the continuation of attacks by the Spanish government on Basque civil society.

 “The extradition warrant issued by the Spanish authorities is accusing Arturo Villanueva of  membership of Segi, a youth organization banned in 2001 in a series of draconian clampdowns on Basque cultural and societal organizations.

 “Since then newspapers and radio stations have been closed, human rights groups have been banned, and Batasuna, the Basque pro-independence party has been proscribed and its leadership arrested and imprisoned. All of these are blatant infringements of basic human rights and the freedom of speech within the European Union”

 “This attitude of the Spanish government has recently been described by UN Rapporteur, Martin Scheinin as ‘too broad’ targeting ‘groups that have nothing to do with violence’.


“Arturo has been living openly in Belfast for over five years and now has a life here.. We are a calling for immediate dropping of this case and an overall end to such repression of Basque civil society.”

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